Keeping it real

We have plenty of beds in our house.  Lorelei’s room has a twin-over-full bunk bed, our bedroom has a king-size bed and crib, plus we have couches and a futon.  For the last week I have been sleeping with Rowan in the recliner, because we were both getting more sleep that way.  Lorelei, never one to sleep in a room by herself, decided to join us.  Then Squirt joined in.  It was a regular recliner party.  Maya was probably just under the foot of the recliner sulking.

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Lactation Graduation

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

One of the hardest things for me during the last few months has been the total helplessness that I have felt.  I don’t do helpless well.  Yes, Rowan has made tremendous strides, but none of them felt like I was really a requirement.  A team of OBs bought him that extra two weeks in utero, a team of neonatologists and nurses helped him thrive in the hospital.  I have felt like a bystander through most of his first few months.  It felt like everything was being done to us.

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