Catching Up

Rowan had his 15 month appointment today. It was a little spur of the moment, because I called to set up the appointment and they said there was an opening this afternoon.

A few weeks ago, he started eating everything in sight. Some evenings I swear he ate more than I did, and he definitely ate more than Lorelei. A lot more than Lorelei.

So, at 15 months old, 13 months adjusted Rowan’s stats are:

21 pounds – 22%
30.25 inches – 16%
Head circumference – 47 cm – 54%

Those percentiles are for his actual age! He is 22% for weight for a 15 month old!

For comparison, here are Lorelei’s stats from her 15 month appointment:

20 pounds 10 ounces
31 inches
Head circumference – 47 cm

I think we can say that Rowan is pretty much caught up, size-wise.  Here is how he has grown in the last 15 months:

Gestational age at birth – 31 weeks
Birth weight – 3 pounds 3 oz
Lowest weight – 2 pounds 15 oz
Length – 15.9 inches

He’s almost doubled in length!

His medical records do now officially state “Mild Expressive Language Delay.” But the plan is to reevaluate at 18 months. We suspect with the amount of growing he has been doing, in addition to lots of fine and gross motor skill development, that he has been putting his efforts elsewhere. She noted that he is very social.

He does have a few new tricks up his sleeve. He definitely says dada. Whenever the cat meows he will yell, “at!” He loves to blow kisses. Daycare noticed that when they sing the clean up song, he tries to sing along. Sure enough, the other night I was trying to get him back into his crib at 3am, and he was half asleep singing, “een up, een up.” He is cruising all over the place, and can walk holding on with one hand. If you hold on to him and let go, he won’t try to stand, but he will sit down in a very controlled motion.

It is still a little difficult looking at the 15 month developmental list that the doctor’s office gives. There are lots of things on that list that he is not even interested in doing yet.  I should go dig out the 13 month list so I can feel better.

He loves practicing fine motor skills by taking selfies. Meta selfies.
He loves practicing fine motor skills by taking selfies. Meta selfies.
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