Watching Hillary’s DNC Speech With My Six Year Old

Seven years ago today, the second line showed up on a pregnancy test that I really did not think was going to be positive. I had been Googling all sorts of possible reasons I could have ovulated when I did, but not gotten my period. I alternated those searches with searching to see if every twinge or feeling could be a sign of early pregnancy. Pro tip: Everything can be a sign of early pregnancy if you search Dr. Google enough. Who knows if my ear ache, sore finger, or flaking nail polish were indications that I was pregnant, but I was.

That day seven years ago, I could never have imagined what my life would look like right now. That I would have a sarcastic, passionate, kind but infuriating six year old daughter, who woke me up to ask if she could watch Hillary Clinton’s DNC speech.

Friday evening, I mentioned that I wanted to watch the speech, and I told Lorelei a little about it. It’s not a secret that I was feeling the Bern, but I am so totally with her now. Sanders was my spirit animal, in all his beautiful empathy, solidarity, compassion, and altruism; Clinton is my solid and unapologetic second choice. She is a second choice I am proud my daughter was able to see, at the age of six, stand up and do something historical. Every day I think about all the things she will grow up knowing as truth, though hopefully never taking for granted. Our gay friends can get married and adopt children. We’ve had a black president. And now, by the grace of all that is sane in this world, we will have our first woman president (the alternative is such that I cannot even write coherent statements about it).

I wanted Lorelei to at least see the moment when Hillary accepted the nomination, to get a six-year-old’s understanding of how important it was. To not just know why Donald Trump is the scourge of the earth, but to feel how powerful and important it can be to be a woman.

Saturday morning, I was still in bed when Lorelei climbed in next to me. She immediately started bouncing on the mattress and asking, “Can we go watch that girl talk now?! Can we go watch that girl talk now?!” I preceded to tell her, “in a few minutes!” the next hundred times she asked me, until I finally had time to sit down for an hour with her, while Rowan was napping.

Pretty quickly, I realized I needed to capture the things she was saying. I’m a terrible Twitter user, but it seemed the perfect platform to share Lorelei’s words of wisdom.

She knows a bully when she hears about one

Me too, Lorelei, me too. Though that would probably reduce my chances of getting Michelle to be my new best friend

Probably confederate ones, too

Reap what you sow, Cleveland, reap what you sow

I mean. She’s not wrong…

Lorelei has spoken, let it be so

She said this with serious conviction

If she’d had popcorn this is about when she would have thrown it at the screen

I mean, also, bacon

Bill’s head may have exploded in pure joy if he could have started an actual water balloon fight

I like to call it the dead fox on a cheeto look

I was not sure how to answer that

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement

Weird. And Scary.


{Edit} Lorelei hung out with my aunt yesterday, and I’ve been told she said, “You know what’s  cool? It used to be that no one thought a girl could be President. Now a girl might really BECOME President. I hope so.”

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