#TBT (#FBF) – The OCD Highway

I was too busy with sick people to get my #TBT post up yesterday. I thought about backdating it, but decided just to make this week #FBF instead.


When I left school in the mountains to drive back east, I had to put Eddie From Ohio’s Actually Not in my Discman (1990s and all). If I timed it correctly track 7 would begin to play right as I got to the runaway truck ramps.

For those who have never spent time in the mountains, this is exactly as it sounds; big sandy ramps made for 18 wheelers that have lost braking ability due to the heat caused by the degree of incline. As in, you have the choice of driving your truck into a huge sandbox, or driving off a mountain. This is an actual thing. And yes, they do get used.

Track 7 happens to be a song called “The Three Fine Daughters of Farmer Brown”. The titular daughters drown after setting out in a rowboat, and their bodies are never recovered. The fact that this song had to play as I was going down a mountain makes total sense, right? snow5


Welcome to my brain.

I think this is one of the most annoying things about anxiety (and small children) – the lack of logic. And when the anxiety itself is logical, its friend OCD likes to step in and shake things up a little. While fear of driving down a mountain where trucks sometimes have to purposely wreck in what would constitute the world’s biggest highway litter box is not completely without merit, there is no situation in which a song is going to have control on the outcome. But my head was screaming that it was really important, so who was I to argue?

I wanted to make it down the mountain, and I had a 100% success rate at not dying under these self-imposed circumstances. #logic


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