Tongue tied

Typing this on my phone, so if I say anything extremely weird you can blame it on auto correct. 

We took Rowan to the ENT today to have his tongue and lip ties looked at. The drive there was harrowing. It was one of the worst storms I have ever driven through. I kept making zach check the weather for tornado warnings. I had to dodge a fallen tree limb. The 30 minute drive to Raleigh took 50 minutes. Though the roads weren’t busy because most people were smart enough to pull over. 

The doctor thought the ties were both worth cutting. The procedure itself was lightning quick. Rowan was pissed before they even took the first cut, so I don’t know how much it hurt. 

What I do know is that it made an immediate breastfeeding difference. I hadn’t realized how much I had been cringing until it suddenly didn’t hurt anymore. His latch seems deeper, too. Jury is still out on if it will increase his transfer rate. I think I will make an LC appointment for next week to check in. 

We have to do exercises every time he eats to keep his ties from scarring or reattaching. He does not appreciate my fingers in his mouth. We are currently stuck in a never ending cycle of nurse, exercise, nurse to calm him back down, exercise, repeat. 

I don’t know how the billing will work, but I think it was worth it either way. I’d love to check another hurdle off the list.


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