37 weeks

If the Cholestasis had returned, or if the pre-e had stayed mild, I would have been induced at 37 weeks at Duke Regional.

So it seems fitting that I am sitting here, at 37 weeks and one day, with my tiny baby asleep beside my hospital bed at Duke Regional.

It’s just that my tiny baby is five weeks old.

If nothing changes, the plan is for him to go home Sunday.  The room is in use tomorrow night, so I am rooming in with him tonight.  I’m sitting in a hospital room at Duke Regional, feeling pretty emotional.  17664_10153402779504846_385399734709116781_n

Those of you who know me know that I love weather, sunshine, and being outdoors.  So the fact that Rowan has gone five weeks and has never seen daylight breaks my heart.  But no more.  As soon as he wakes up he’ll get his first glimpse of outside.

My last stay in the hospital I felt trapped.  But this time I’m enjoying being trapped, because I’m trapped with Rowan.  I suppose last time I was trapped with Rowan, too.  But this time is a happier occasion.


The big news today is that he passed his car seat test!  He had to sit in his seat, buckled in, for 90 minutes without any bradies or desats.  He slept through the whole thing, waking up ready to eat right as it was over.  And when this kid is ready to eat he is READY. TO. EAT.  He’s so my kid.

The nurses were oohing and ahhing at his car seat.  It is rather awesome.

I know this blog is about Rowan.  But I can’t resist the chance to also post a picture of Lorelei.  Lorelei, my five year old preschool graduate.  Graduation was awesome.  Miss Brenda and the rest of Asbury really know how to throw a graduation.  Tonight I’m missing the after party (that sounds so rock), but Zach is going to take her.

The graduation theme this year was Pete the Cat.  And they rocked in their white school shoes and wore their best four groovy buttons.   And did we cry?  GOODNESS NO! (except maybe a little).

11255735_10153402585939846_6771270931428767272_nIt’s all good.


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