It’s getting hot in here, so put on all your clothes

Clothes!  Alert!Rowan is doing really well.  He is getting more and more alert.  They are continuing to up his feeds each day.  He is off the bili lights, so we can hold him more easily.  And as of this morning he is wearing clothes!

When they tell me about next steps they always feel so so far away. But in reality it is usually a day or two.

Just yesterday we were theoretically discussing when he gets to wear clothes.  Today.. clothes!  So I quickly washed all of our preemie clothes and took them to the SCN (special care nursery).  This means that instead of the isolette adjusting to keep his skin temperature the same, the isolette is staying at a constant temperature, and he is supposed to adjust himself.  They check his temp frequently and make adjustments as needed, so he’s not entirely on his own.

He was getting SO ANGRY at losing his paci.  He kept setting off the heart rate monitors because it was increasing his heart rate to be so mad about it.

I wonder how long before they get to try some bottle feeding with him.

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