Transport to Duke

imageRight around midnight the EMTs arrived to transport me to Duke.  I’d never been in an ambulance before!  They were very nice and managed to keep me calm.  We arrived at Duke, and a doctor there checked me.  He said I was only the outer os was dilated, so that was good.  This doctor also couldn’t tell if my water had broken.  He used a giant q-tip to gather whatever fluid he could and put it on a slide.  They check for something called “ferning” on the slide, to see if there was amniotic fluid.  He said that there was no ferning on the slide.  But yet, they still kept going with the idea that I was ruptured.  So they started IV antibiotics.  In the meantime my blood pressure was high, so they collected some urine to check for protein.  It turned out I was spilling a bit of protein, so I was officially diagnosed with mild preeclampsia.

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