Saturday Satire: Mother Actually Given Those Three Extra Hours in a Day – Watches Gilmore Girls

Durham, North Carolina -- After years of having her prayers go unanswered, local mother Ruby Grace was the lucky recipient of three extra hours last Thursday. She woke to a day with 27 hours, rather than the more standard 24 and looked forward to an opportunity to finally get her…

Kathie Lee and Hoda are my new BFFs

Everyone once in awhile I get a new influx of Facebook fans and I go hunt down the source because it always means that something has been shared somewhere important. Last week the culprit was my post over on the Today Parenting Team, which was shared by both the Kathie…

Overwhelmed Mother Preps Lunches the Night Before – Is Late For Work Anyhow

Durham, North Carolina -- Working mother Ruby Grace scoured the internet on Monday looking for tips to help her arrive at work by eight a.m. for the first time since her oldest child started kindergarten. Claiming she had already taken their advice of picking out her family’s clothes and gathering…

Riding in Cars with Kids – Keeping Sane

Here’s how it starts -- I’m sitting at my computer, or in my car, and I suddenly feel trapped. I need to go somewhere, have an adventure, do something memorable. In college we would drive day and night to get somewhere new just for the sake of saying we went.…

#TBT “This is Your Year and it Always Starts Here”

Last night I was lying in bed scrolling through my phone when I came across this. Unfortunate timing, since I had approximately 2.5 hours left of being 34. I figured I should take stock of my current sexiness, seeing as how it was soon going to vanish like Cinderella’s flaky…

Taking Out the Laundry

Remember how I wrote that “The Dishes Can Wait and Other Lies” essay? And how I put it up on HuffPost and people who must have had an unfortunate accident as a child that removed both their sarcasm gland and sense of humor took me way too literally and seriously?…