Some Weeks You’re the Windshield, Some Weeks You’re the Bug

Partied too hard Rowan has hand foot and mouth disease. And being Rowan, he doesn't have it just a little, he is absolutely covered in blisters. Face, arms, hands, butt, legs, feet. He's been out of daycare all week, and I am so freaking over it.…
Rowan at Duke, and recreating the experience.

Say what?

Rowan had his hearing test yesterday. It was at Duke Children's Hospital, which is part of what we call “big Duke,” (aka the main hospital). This meant parking in the main Duke parking deck and walking through the underground tunnel into the hospital. I’ve been to Duke many times since…

The Beauty of Sleep

I'm scared to jinx it, but Rowan is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. It's like a switch flipped on the whole sleep thing. I just wanted to get to the point where he would sleep until at least midnight, or only wake up once or twice. But instead he's sleeping most…

An Adjusted Year of Adjustment

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything really personal about Rowan and the whole preemie experience. Sure, I’ve had things published in other outlets about it, but when was the last time I really took a minute to take stock of the last year+? I’ve been avoiding it, partially. I’ve…

Local Woman Escorted Off Premises After Gun Was Revealed to be Yoga Mat

  Durham, NC - Local mother and yoga enthusiast Ruby Grace was escorted out of a weekend GOP rally after the gun she was carrying was revealed to be a yoga mat. Authorities were alerted by Sharon Stiles, who says her aunt participates in yoga. “I knew right away what…

Self Care in the Age of Doing it All

Read the first part of this story over at Today Parenting Team. I was in an airport bar sitting solo with my computer and an empty beer glass. I had just ordered cheesecake that I didn’t have to share I spent the past weekend remembering what it’s like to be…