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When Writing is Bigger on the Inside.

One of my promises to myself when I created this blog was to not fall into the trap of starting each post by apologizing for the infrequency of my words. It is the blogging equivalent of pointing out the flaws in your cooking to a table full of dinner guests. What…

Getting Back on the Wheels

You may remember the last time I went roller skating -- it was disco night, and the place of jam-packed with drunk people skating while holding beer. It was no wonder I fell and busted my tailbone. My butt hurt for months. I hadn't been since. Even once my questionable…

The Last Mermaid of the Sea

This weekend, we went to Notasium -- an awesome music-based place space near us. The bounce house has drum sounds, the ladder to the slide is a guitar fret board, and a lot of other interactive musical play equipment. There are two karaoke rooms. Lorelei took me into one and…
sprouting vine of anxiety

Anxiety – An Invasive Species

It starts as scattered seeds -- kernels anchored by anxiety and waiting for the right conditions to sprout. Some days they are fertilized by memories. Some days by fear. Most often they germinate themselves, arriving with a lunchbox of sunlight and water as they feed one another. They don’t grow…

Catching Up

Rowan had his 15 month appointment today. It was a little spur of the moment, because I called to set up the appointment and they said there was an opening this afternoon. A few weeks ago, he started eating everything in sight. Some evenings I swear he ate more than…

Watching Hillary’s DNC Speech With My Six Year Old

Seven years ago today, the second line showed up on a pregnancy test that I really did not think was going to be positive. I had been Googling all sorts of possible reasons I could have ovulated when I did, but not gotten my period. I alternated those searches with…