Self Care in the Age of Doing it All

Read the first part of this story over at Today Parenting Team. I was in an airport bar sitting solo with my computer and an empty beer glass. I had just ordered cheesecake that I didn’t have to share I spent the past weekend remembering what it’s like to be…

How Mama Gets Her Groove Back

“I know it’s only 9am, but can I have a do over?” We ask this when our days spin out of our control and we haven’t even managed to feed everyone breakfast. We beg for this on the days when we can’t understand how every side of the bed can…

Saturday Satire: Local Mother Breastfeeds in Public — Nobody Notices

Local Mother Breastfeeds in Public -- Nobody Notices                 Durham, NC - Nursing mother Ruby Grace was recently not seen nursing her one-year-old son in a local department store. “We were in the seasonal department when little Arlo got fussy, so I sat down…

All Boobs Are Not Created Equal

I’m about to shovel some TMI on you in the form of detailed information about my boobs. If you’re not into this sort of thing, or think you’ll never look at me the same way, go ahead and click here and go watch cat .gifs instead. I’ll see you next…

Saturday Satire: Mother Actually Given Those Three Extra Hours in a Day – Watches Gilmore Girls

Durham, North Carolina -- After years of having her prayers go unanswered, local mother Ruby Grace was the lucky recipient of three extra hours last Thursday. She woke to a day with 27 hours, rather than the more standard 24 and looked forward to an opportunity to finally get her…

Kathie Lee and Hoda are my new BFFs

Everyone once in awhile I get a new influx of Facebook fans and I go hunt down the source because it always means that something has been shared somewhere important. Last week the culprit was my post over on the Today Parenting Team, which was shared by both the Kathie…