alone time

And This is Why I Need Therapy: A Horror Story

6:15am: My alarm goes off. I slowly and carefully extract myself from the bed, careful not to wake the toddler who has almost certainly ended up velcroed to my nipple at some point in the night. I tiptoe out of the room, stepping gingerly over the sleeping dog, who is…
cat and dog embarrassed

Life on the Bright Side: It’s Not ALL Bad News

Embarrassing our children -- Not just for human kids anymore. We get Squirt shaved once a year or so, but normally if we are going to get Maya groomed it's just a bath and brush out. But because I am not capable of caring for the number of living beings…

Floods, Plagues, and Other Signs of End Times.

There are times when the fact that my backyard is a giant downward slope is annoying. When I am offered a free motorized toddler car, but know it would never make it back up the hill. When I want to set up a kiddie pool on flat ground. When trying…
hurricane tree

Hurricane Prep For and With Kids

  If you live anywhere along the east coast you likely have a plan for what needs to be done when a hurricane threatens. Maybe you evacuate at the first mention of the word “tropical” or maybe you clear the store shelves of milk and vodka. Even if you have…

Yer a Wizard, Hillary

The close race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump defies all logic. How could a human cheese doodle with anger issues possibly be this close to the presidency? Dark magic. Many people are saying Trump's similarities to He Who Must Not Be Named are deeper than we could have ever…
scalp glitter

Glitter is Upset by Your Herpes Comparisons

Lorelei has taken to dumping glitter on her head on a semi-regular basis. I don't mean a cute little glitter shower, I mean a freaking glitter deluge. She had a friend over this weekend and they took turns filling a cap with glitter and pouring it on each other. Her…