“Essentials” For Camping With Kids

  Whenever I mention camping with small kids people look at me like I am the most badass outdoorswoman to ever make a toddler carry her own fully loaded pack into the deep woods. Guys. I sleep on an air mattress. An air mattress. This is not backpacking in the…
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How to Take Your Kids Camping Without Losing Your Damn Mind

I am working on a post about the items I consider essential when camping with kids, but thought republishing this piece from parent.co would help provide context.  How to Take Your Kids Camping Without Losing Your Damn Mind I love camping, but my idea of a great trip has evolved…

Weird but True – Also, Weather!

When I applied to be a Nat Geo Kids Insider I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I didn’t even think I would be chosen. One thing I knew was that if I was selected I wanted to give honest reviews and information, rather than rehashing the press release.…

Feeling Mighty

When I started writing more publicly late last year, I could not have foreseen just how often I would write about obsessive-compulsive disorder. But at some point in my slight breakdown after Rowan's premature birth I completely ran out of fucks to give. So with that in mind, I finally wrote…
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Tales of a First Grade Basket Case – Me, Not Her

Tales of a First Grade Basket Case I'm astoundingly good at taking my own experiences and anxieties, and making them into new anxieties about Lorelei's experiences. I'm like a fucking anxiety superhero or something. Lorelei started first grade yesterday, and I've been putting out low-grade anxiety fires every time I…
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When Writing is Bigger on the Inside.

One of my promises to myself when I created this blog was to not fall into the trap of starting each post by apologizing for the infrequency of my words. It is the blogging equivalent of pointing out the flaws in your cooking to a table full of dinner guests. What…