Kathie Lee and Hoda are my new BFFs

Everyone once in awhile I get a new influx of Facebook fans and I go hunt down the source because it always means that something has been shared somewhere important. Last week the culprit was my post over on the Today Parenting Team, which was shared by both the Kathie Lee and Hoda Facebook page, and also the Today Show Facebook page. Then it was on the front page of Today.com.

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Criticism Screams Louder Than Anything Else

My particular brand of anxiety likes to zero on a fear of being misunderstood or saying things incorrectly with no way to amend. The OCD part of my brain will (un)happily explain, correct, and fix these mistakes repeatedly in my head while the more rational piece tries to let go. The inside of my skull is a big cartoon dust cloud with random arms and legs flying around as I fight with myself. It’s friends with the part of me that is terrified I’m not very good at things, and they both interact with the piece that sees complements as just climbing higher up the edge of a cliff.

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A Bunch of Crap, Both Literal and Figurative

Hi. I’m new here.

That’s the only explanation I can find for why I had no baby wipes in my car; okay, that’s an exaggeration, I had two wipes and they were both dry. I went to get Rowan out of his seat and he was sitting in a pile of poop. All over his seat, his legs, and his clothes. Did I mention I was standing in the street outside of Lorelei’s school? Because yeah.

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