The dishes can wait and other lies

“They’re only young once.”

The words are superimposed on an idyllic picture of a child in nature or a beach with footprints leading to the horizon. There’s always a hazy filter. The bottom caption implores you to leave a counter full of dirty dishes, to eschew housework, to be present for your children for they will grow up before your very eyes. We are reminded that no one has ever said they wish they had spent more time doing housework, and less time with the kids.

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ill-ad·vised adjective 1. unwise or imprudent It would be ill-advised to go skating in the middle of the night with a thousand adults drinking beer. There are a surprising number of people in the greater Triangle area who want to pay $12 to go out well past turn-into-a-pumpkin time to attempt skating while wearing costumes, drinking beer, and listening to disco.  Most of these people can’t skate.  Major props to the older guy wearing a full psychedelic body suit, because quite a few people seemed to be confusing disco with the 80s, and one guy was dressed up as an Angler fish. I mean, what could go wrong?

The place was packed. At least two people took their beers onto the floor itself, where they promptly fell, splashing beer all over the place.

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