My Family Refuses to Let Me Put a Weeping Angel on Top of Our Tree

I finally, finally won the battle of the Christmas tree.

I recently wrote a piece for HuffPo about my general apathy for the prolonged Christmas season. The whole Christmas tree thing is slightly anxiety-producing on the best of years but this year, with a curious toddler who likes to climb things and I just was not feeling it.

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Loose Parts

Dear Yai Yai,

Every year as the first flowers start to bloom and our cars turn uniformly yellow I survey my back yard. I am considering the usual suspects. Which plants have become invasive? Do I have room for another garden bed? This year, beyond the plans for pruning and tomatoes, there was another idea forming; what will make you the master of your outdoor domain?  Plastic playhouses and kiddie pools are fun, but when the plastic pool turns into an ocean and leaves of an Elephant-Ear plant become mermaid tails, that is how magic happens.

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