Random blabbering

Just some random bits and pieces.

The nurses and doctors are all impressed at his nursing ability.  One of the doctors mentioned twice that he had a latch score of ten.  I just assumed she was just saying that as an expression.  But evidently that is an actual scoring system.  And preemies don’t usually get tens.  His latch really is great.  I think that his latch is better at one month (negative 3.5 weeks adjusted) that Lorelei’s was… ever.  Though, I’m basing this partly on my lack of pain, and since I’m only nursing him twice a day it really isn’t a fair comparison.

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Settling in

On May 7th we went to visit him in his new digs.  Much smaller NICU.  Much easier to get to and deal with.  I was a little frustrated with the lactation consultant.  It felt like she was being a little patronizing, and acting like I was trying to rush things.  But all I asked about was lick and learn.  Which Duke had thought he was ready for.  And I was caught off guard, so I didn’t really stick up for myself.  If they think he needs to wait, that is fine.  But I wasn’t trying to rush things!  I was just going with what Duke had said.

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