Beware the Ides of Trump

My Rhiyaya Facebook page got hidden or unliked by a few people yesterday morning. Was the it Ruth Bader Ginsburg onesie? The rainbow babylegs? The fact that the photo was clearly taken in a daycare center where I abandon my child on the regular? It’s not my intention to have a political blog, but where politics intersects with my life? Yeah, I’m writing that shit.

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ill-ad·vised adjective 1. unwise or imprudent It would be ill-advised to go skating in the middle of the night with a thousand adults drinking beer. There are a surprising number of people in the greater Triangle area who want to pay $12 to go out well past turn-into-a-pumpkin time to attempt skating while wearing costumes, drinking beer, and listening to disco.  Most of these people can’t skate.  Major props to the older guy wearing a full psychedelic body suit, because quite a few people seemed to be confusing disco with the 80s, and one guy was dressed up as an Angler fish. I mean, what could go wrong?

The place was packed. At least two people took their beers onto the floor itself, where they promptly fell, splashing beer all over the place.

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It’s Not All Hand Washing and Light Switches

The line between quirky and weird seemed to be stuck between my fingers. That feeling when you eat a donut or an ice cream cone and the residue makes your fingers so sticky that you desperately want to find a sink? That’s how they felt. Licking them would help – for a few minutes. Little kids are sticky, and I spent a lot of time licking between my fingers for momentary relief. It drove my parents crazy – we’d be in a public place, and there I was licking my hands like a compulsive cat. And if that wasn’t enough to embarrass every adult responsible for me, sometimes I would get a similar feeling in the back of my throat – this annoying build up of faux pressure that had to be released, and the only way was to make squeaky sounds. Sometimes on inhale, sometimes on exhale, always until a magic point when everything felt better – until the next time. Seams of socks and waistbands constricted, so I turned my socks inside out, and wore my pants around my hips to free myself from their ever-present annoyance. Things just felt wrong and it was a puzzle to make them right again.

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