I’m the Mother of a Seven Year Old! So how About a JarJackets Giveaway

The cold I thought I had turned out the be Strep. The nice thing about that is a couple of doses of antibiotics and I feel almost completely back to normal! Last year I had mastitis on her birthday. My body seems to remember that April 8 is a day to feel pain.

Somehow I am now the mother of a seven-year-old. Seven years ago I had to adjust my expectations about birth — the first of many times I would have to adjust parenting expectations. But after a long induced labor, Lorelei came out into the world. Then she peed on me. True story.


We took the train from Durham to Greensboro (about an hour) and walked to the children’s museum. After a few hours of mind-numbing fun, we called for a Lyft to take us to our hotel and didn’t get even a little murdered. Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we walked over the mall and managed to not get plowed down on the busy road with no sidewalk that Google Maps thought was totally ok for walking directions.


Lorelei’s first Claire’s experience nearly blew her mind — so much shiny pink glitter princess stuff. There was a kiosk of obnoxious yapping, jumping robot dogs; my refusal to buy one led to a major meltdown. She slobbered and sobbed our entire walk back to the hotel.


Our room was finally ready. I had put a note in our reservation that it was a special mom/daughter birthday date, and asked if they had any special touches, like maybe wishing her a happy birthday when we arrived. Drury Inn in Greensboro is definitely on my to stay list now because they gave her a balloon and personalized birthday card! The free food and alcohol doesn’t hurt things, either.

I have to admire my genius here — Lorelei gets an awesome birthday and I get a night in a hotel with no mess, no clutter, and no two-year-old climbing me every time I sit down. I’ll get to sleep through the night with no worry of being woken up by a screaming toddler at 4 am. And I mentioned the free alcohol, right?

Speaking of free things — I promised you guys a giveaway and I finally have time to work on it!


Photo Credit: JarJackets

I saw an ad on Facebook inviting bloggers to apply to review JarJacket’s new sippy cups jackets and lids. I jumped at the chance.

I love my LifeFactory bottles but have always wished I could buy the bottles and silicone sleeves separately. With JarJackets you can order just the sleeves for different sized mason jars. If you’re anything like me you probably already have 29304829304823 mason jars in your kitchen because you had plans.

A few facts I have learned from Sacha over at JarJackets

  • They are a female-owned start-up company that launched in October
  • Their reusable FDA grade silicone jackets are 100% non-toxic, plastic-free, waste-free, BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free
  • JarJackets are dishwasher, microwave, & freezer safe

JarJackets is quickly expanding their line of both jackets and lids. I especially can’t wait to see what lids they come up with. My nervous fidgeting ways have destroyed a couple of Lifefactory lids and Camelbak bottles while musing about my life in therapy.

For this giveaway, they sent me their 12oz jelly jar jacket and sippy lid. I was pleasantly surprised at how little the lid leaked. The biggest trick is to make sure you have it on all the way — but as long as you do that it was pretty leak resistant. If you have a tiny asshole adorable toddler who likes to bend sippy lids to squeeze water out, then yeah, they are going to leak. But I left one on its side overnight with a piece of toilet paper under it to see if it leaked, and there were maybe two drops.

Rowan JarJacket


The sippy lids are basic. I mean that in a great way — no valves and bits and pieces to get gunked up or lost. I was also happy that because it utilizes a standard mason jar that my Cuppow lid that I already own fit on it just fine. I’ve tried hot tea in it. We’ve taken it camping. Rowan has smacked it onto our tile floor.

JarJackets has graciously offered to provide two JarJackets (for 12oz jelly jars) and sippy lids in the color of your choice to one randomly selected reader. Two pink, two blue, or two green – it’s up to you!

I have never done a giveaway before and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it. Personally, I hate it when sites make you jump through a million hoops to get extra entries. You end up frustrated and liking pages you have no interest in just to get a chance of winning whatever product. I’ll make this one easier. I hope.

The only actual rules for entry are that you must have a US address and you need to leave a comment on this post. {Edited to add: You can get one additional entry by commenting on my FB thread}

I’m going to go super high tech and literally put your names in a hat and get a video of Lorelei choosing a winner. Make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you.

Only one entry per person!

Submissions close at 12:01 AM, EDT, on April 15th.

Rules aside —

I would love it if you would go like JarJackets on Facebook. And if you haven’t liked rhiyaya or signed up for my new post alerts, go do that, too! And definitely, share this with your friends!

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