11 Ways This Election Season is Like a Landfalling Hurricane

election hurricane

Hurricanes and this election – both come into town, destroy some shit and leave us to pick up the pieces. While I think I’d rather take my chances with a hurricane than Trump, the two do have a few other things in common.

People make their living predicting it


But even the most experienced professionals are wrong somtimes

It is unpredictable


Seriously. Who could have predicted Trump?

Sometimes things get exciting

I wish Cantore would come kick a few people in the balls right about now

But you know someone is going to get hurt

And it will probably be a bush’s fault. Or Obama’s.

Shit is going to be destroyed


Nobody trusts the media or the government


Everything is a disaster of epic proportion

You wonder why people are so stupid

Sometimes it seems like people enjoy being stupid

It’s very scary

The orange guy thinks he’s scared?

Sometimes things just get weird

Unfortunately, during this election, it’s not good weird

There’s nothing you can do to stop it

All you can do is grab a friend and hold on

People will make stupid memes, gifs, and listicles

Source - Talking Points Memo

Like this one

Other reasons I thought of, but lack the energy to convert into .gifs:

When the crazy white dude shows up in your town, you should probably leave

People are considering evacuating

It’s full of people telling you what to do while they do the opposite

Do you guys have any more?


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