Life on the Bright Side: It’s Not ALL Bad News

Embarrassing our children — Not just for human kids anymore.

cat and dog embarrassed

We get Squirt shaved once a year or so, but normally if we are going to get Maya groomed it’s just a bath and brush out. But because I am not capable of caring for the number of living beings in my house, she had gotten matted without me realizing how bad it was in a couple of areas. So this happened. She is so fucking embarrassed.

dog embarrassed

Squirt has gone from 11-12 pounds to 7.5 pounds. Getting him shaved has really driven home just how skinny he is. He doesn’t seem to be getting any worse, at least. But at 18.5 years old, it’s only a matter of time.

I never thought I would let my pets play second fiddle. And they are by no means neglected. They are fed, loved, and sheltered. They are included in our family. It’s just… they don’t get the attention they used to.

I need about 36 hours in a day if I were to even come close to getting everything done. More on the days when someone has an appointment.

That was my not-so-slick segue into talking about Rowan’s follow-up hearing test.

His ear drums still lack flexibility, likely due to congestion and fluid. He still couldn’t hear one tone, and the others had to be turned louder. The audiologist pointed out that this only showed what it was like that day when he had a cold. But because this is such an important time for language development, and because he has a mild speech delay, he recommended an ENT appointment. Of course the first available isn’t until December.


The good news is that he now says “dada” and “mama.” The obvious bad news is he mostly says it while screaming for something. He is starting to copy, and I think he tried to sign for “milk” the other day. He’s really getting into the cutest part of toddlerhood.



drunk baby
Go home cold and flu season, you’re drunk.

In the last month, Rowan has had one mystery fever virus, Hand Foot and Mouth (AGAIN!), and Roseola. Then Lorelei got a mystery fever virus. And Zach and I both got colds.


I hope when Rowan’s immune system kicks it up a notch that it kicks it up to 11.

I had written some other stuff here but didn’t realize it hadn’t been shared yet. So stay tuned. I will freak out here later.


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