Weird but True – Also, Weather!

When I applied to be a Nat Geo Kids Insider I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I didn’t even think I would be chosen.

One thing I knew was that if I was selected I wanted to give honest reviews and information, rather than rehashing the press release.

They made it easy on me by having the first insider event be for their new show Weird but True.  It is based on their magazine section, and popular books. The preview for insiders was of their extreme weather episode.

Hi there. My name is Rhiannon and I am a weather junkie. I have necklaces shaped like the coast guard hurricane warning flag. Jim Cantore is my spirit animal. As a kid, I would watch The Weather Channel for hours at a time, and track hurricanes on paper. I’ve written previously about my fear of tornadoes, and already have a “weather” category on my blog.

I’ve had an overwhelming few weeks, and wasn’t sure I would have the time or energy to work on this first promo for Nat Geo Kids, but then they spoke my meteorological language, and how could I resist?

The show is called Weird but True, and airs on Fox stations on Saturday mornings. Check your listings, unless you are like me and have no television stations, in which case you should probably start a blog, apply to the National Geographic Kids Insider program, and get an early screener preview of an episode. It would be a lot of work just for one show, but – hurricanes! Tornadoes! Weird things! That are also true!

The show is hosted by siblings Charlie and Kirby. To say they are ridonkulously cute and highly caffeinated would be the understatement of the century. Kirby reminds me of a girl I went to highschool with — in a good way. They have energy that makes me think I might not even remember my 20s, if that’s what it was like.


They did a Facebook Live promo for the show that was every bit as fun as the show itself, and even if you rely solely on Netflix and social media for your entertainment, you can go to Facebook and see the segment. There are ancient Greeks with hula hoops, a giant inflatable flamingo, and lots of random facts. I love random facts.

Lorelei watched the extreme weather episode with me, and literally gave it two thumbs up. She liked the release of the weather balloon the most. I wish they had gotten to see an actual tornado. Also, I wish the TIV or a hurricane hunter plane had been involved.


I had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Charlie. Those of you who know me are probably a little confused about the idea of me interviewing someone, but it was like the perfect introvert scenario — a group interview! I could sit back and let other people ask the questions.

When he heard of my weatherlove, Charlie asked my opinion on the show. I was honest that I wish it had gotten more in depth on some things, especially hurricanes, but that I understood a six-hour long episode probably would have held my attention, and only my attention.

I cannot wait to see an episode that is about a topic I don’t already know all about. It fulfills the part of my brain that gets lost down Wikipedia rabbit holes, and it does it in a kid friendly way.


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