The Beauty of Sleep

I’m scared to jinx it, but Rowan is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. It’s like a switch flipped on the whole sleep thing. I just wanted to get to the point where he would sleep until at least midnight, or only wake up once or twice. But instead he’s sleeping most nights from 8:00 – 6:00 or more, Zach actually had to wake him up the other day.

This is amazing. Lorelei was almost two before she slept through the night even once, and it was another couple of years before she slept reliably in her own bed. Rowan had been such a tremendously bad sleeper that I thought I was completely doomed. I’m not going to pretend that my brain is all sunshine and roses all the time, but man does sleep change my day-to-day outlook!

Of course, he started this at the exact same time I hit the end of my rope and made Zach take over for two nights a week. I’m sure he’s wondering what I’ve been complaining about for the last year.

His developmental screening appointment went well. He’s great on fine and gross motor skills, though showed some potential for communication delays. The hope is that he is just working hard on those motor skills, and the communication will catch up soon. It worries me that he will rarely wave or blow kisses. He does it every once in a while, and then stops. He’s not pointing at things, or following simple commands. But then again, he’s had a lot to do what with going from 3 pounds to 20 pounds in just over a year. His hearing test is today – he’s had a few ear infections, but hopefully that will all check out okay.


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