Kathie Lee and Hoda are my new BFFs

Everyone once in awhile I get a new influx of Facebook fans and I go hunt down the source because it always means that something has been shared somewhere important. Last week the culprit was my post over on the Today Parenting Team, which was shared by both the Kathie Lee and Hoda Facebook page, and also the Today Show Facebook page. Then it was on the front page of Today.com.

Hole. E. Shit.

I doubt Kathie Lee or Hoda ever even look at their Facebook page, but it’s still pretty cool. The comments were mostly positive, because most people understand sarcasm. But as always with these sorts of things, there are the people who had their sarcasm gland removed at birth who take me extremely literally and/or miss the point completely.


I do think that my favorite is the person who suggested that I need mental help. Like that’s news. I am a bit disappointed that nobody rage quit and told the Today Show that they would never read their crap ever again.

It’s such a weird feeling to have so many people relate so strongly to the words I’m writing. I freaking love the internet. It gives me hope that our children will feel less alone because they will be able to find people like them. Whatever that ends up being. Sometimes I’m completely amazed at how many people are fucking up in all the same ways, and how sure we are that we’re the only ones.

Solidarity and let’s raise a glass. Of beer. Or wine. Or vodka. I don’t judge.

He’s not sure about this toddler room deal.

In the meantime life keeps going. Rowan had his one year appointment and is 18 pounds! 6th % for weight, 3% for length, and 60th(!)% for head circumference! And that’s for his actual age, not his adjusted age. He transitioning to the toddler room at daycare, which means I have stopped pumping. Insert angels singing. But also? MY BABY is in the toddler room.

He loves to dance. He is FINALLY starting to wave. I was beginning to worry that he would never ever learn to wave. That people would see him on the street as an adult and he would just give them a goofy grin and stare.



The days are long, the years are short, the dishes can wait, i hope you like ants.



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