To that mom


popcorn for dinner

To the mom who…

has laundry baskets full of all the random shit that collects around the house. Toys, hair bows, single socks.

has wiped unidentifiable substances from her shirt, and then gone about her day.

is hiding in the bath tub, hoping nobody notices.

forgets to take care of herself.

wonders why it is so difficult to put on your f&*$ing shoes.

keeps extra clothes for her kids in the car, only to realize they are three sizes too small.

swears that just this once she’ll be present for her children all day, only to burn out by lunch.

threw some popcorn in a bowl and called it dinner.

is drowning in to-do lists.

is just hoping to hold it together until bedtime

lets the dog clean the floor.

To that mom I say

I bet you were expecting some sort of motivational speech. But I’ve got nothing.




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