Mutter-Gruppen sind besser als ihr Ruf

So this happened.

Mutter-Gruppen sind besser als ihr Ruf

Yeah. That would be my “In Defense of the Mom Group” essay translated for Huffpost Germany.

Since I speak only enough German to comment on a sneeze, I had to turn to Google Translate. I’m sure it is exactly accurate.

So I present my essay, translated from English, to German, and back to English again via a computer. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite bits.


The Internet is full of criticism of parent groups and yes, I admit, and I had to really loud and heartily at the latest 10 Little Monkeys spoof laugh. I know these mothers. The well-intentioned advice, dressed in disapproval. The condescension and useless advice.

I know mothers who are looking for controversy, the freak at every opportunity and hypocrisy have made an art form. Mothers, the other mothers publicly attack for violations in the bio department at the grocery store and then keep yourself on the way home at the fast-food drive-in.

We all know these women. That’s why we make at every opportunity about it funny. Not because they have different views about, but because this small minority is so contemptible.

But there is another subgroup in the parent group, which is rarely done right. The group works. The unprecedented joy that comes when we put all our differences aside, get to know and really respect the fact that every mother gives her best.

In these groups you find your enthusiastischten Cheerleader – People who tell you that you can do anything and get you to it to try. The women who knock you off the dust from the clothes when you fell and driving up to it to try again.

You are entered into Katzenkotze, down the stairs, you yelled at your children and everything before nine o’clock in the morning? You understand you. You have your son given biscuits for breakfast and can not stand the day now? Do you know all too well.

The Group does everything to make you feel loved you.

You think about to drink a glass of wine for lunch? Bottom up! You’re the worst Mother throughout the world? No, you’re human. And if these bad days ally against you until you barely make it out of bed, they will remind you that it is not a sign of weakness if you ask for help.

Consideration arises naturally from mutual respect. My group has made it a matter of course, each other to surprise in extreme times. Whether you have a baby or mourn a loved one, the rest of the group does everything to make you feel loved you.

When my son was born two months prematurely, they overwhelmed me during my time in the hospital with small gifts and even rented a pump for me, so I had a home.

You want to drink wine for lunch? Bottom up!

If you pack so many women together in a group, always one of them ever experienced the same thing. The advices are proven and well and waiting just for you – even at two.

You’re joking, if they offer you coconut milk-oil as a solution, but they also tell you that milk powder is no failure and to breastfeed an infant, is totally ok.

Sometimes you do not really looking for advice. Sometimes you just need to blow off a little steam and say that your child is a real little shit, you is not fun being a parent and want to run away from home only. Cool, we can create a tropical commune? Without the kids?

Sometimes you have to say that your child is a real little asshole

The best is when the friendships spill into real life. We spend time together, can live, without having to spend money on a hotel even together.

To date, it has no one of us emerges as a man who lives or was kidnapped in his mother’s basement. We greet each other like old friends and stay up late, drinking wine and telling stories. We cried together and laughed together.

Yes, we had our differences and were of different opinion. But it’s great, what can create a group of women, if we let this whole alls Mothers shit in the comment column.

You have made me a better and more compassionate person. by have shown me their broken parts and helped me my own back together. We have shown what can happen when we work for each other, rather than rushing to today. We look at one another with empathy and love.

Great, what we create, we need to allow alls Mothers shit in the comment column

So if you do the next time on the point are to place an unwanted advice – for example, “in my opinion, it is up to the disposable diapers that your child repeatedly has belching You should paint on his butt a little turmeric.. I would also urge you eliminate all processed foods from your diet and maybe you should start again with breastfeeding. I hope this helps! ” – Then remember:

You deserve something better.

You just have to search until you find your own pack, sarcastic, obscenely expressions Direction ladies full of wit and warmth. A group of friends who laugh at a dirty joke and at the same time can dry tears.

Women who can withstand your worst side and remember at the same time to your best pages.

If you have a lot of luck, then they make you a better person – or bring you in at least that it’s okay to drink coffee out of sippy cups.


Rhiannon Giles is an overburdened mother of two who only occasionally think about it, to give their children to the circus. She blogs regularly on Follow her on Facebook.

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This blog originally appeared in the Huffington Post USA and has been translated by Franca Lavinia Meyerhöfer from English.

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