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The past seven years have grown my tribe exponentially. I’ve met so many great people who have given birth to so many great kids. But first… first there was Qais. After years of living on opposite sides of the country and then the world, my friend Charlotte had moved back to the same town as me. And while other friends had had babies by that point, this was the first tiny tribesbaby who I could visit anytime I wanted.

I remember the first time I held him, in awe of how tiny he was, and the fact that my friends had created another human. I had barely been around babies, and his diaper was the first I had ever changed. The idea of having children was still on my “someday” list, a thought that floated by every once in awhile, but didn’t land for a few more months. And it landed in part because of Q.

He was the first infant I ever babysat. When his dad had to go to the ER one evening, I picked Qais up and took him home with no clue what I was supposed to actually do with a baby at 10pm. So I put him in a laundry basket. Because why not.

Some of his first raucous laughter was in my living room as he played with our dog. His first steps were in my house while I was in the hospital after Lorelei was born. The first kid Lorelei ever met was Qais.

There have been lots of warm spring days in backyards, a naked Q on a blanket, and later a much more clothed Q running around in the grass. There have been so many yards, and so many blankets, and so many warm days. Qais and Lorelei have grown up together, cousins-by-birthright.

I’ve been there for the milestones, from laughter to loose teeth. I’ve watched him grow from “NO BATH!” (the sign on his bassinet in the hospital, since his parents wanted to wait and bathe him at home) into this curious, playful, loving, and sweet seven year old. He loves Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and balances that with a sensitivity that is so very Qais. He coos over Rowan, begging to snuggle him whenever we visit.

Happy Birthday Qais!  I’m so glad to know you! I can’t wait to see what seven brings!

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