Petri dish of viral hell.

Do you use a Petri dish with viruses?  I don’t know how to science.

Everyone is sort of sneezy and snotty, and Rowan started coughing and wheezing. I stayed home with him yesterday, glad that this seemed to be a regular cold, and not another Bronchiolitis-level illness.

12733624_10153958618254846_1080346713899173745_nThrough sheer force of will I have managed to keep my own immune system set to “don’t have time for this shit.”  By that I mean, I’m coughing and sneezing while still doing all the things.

Rowan is working on two teeth, has a cold, and is possibly constipated. He was perfecting the art of pooping while he ate, which is one of those skills that loses its usefulness around the age of two. It’s a rough day to be Rowan, but somehow he still smiles even while screaming.

Lorelei spent last night rolling on the floor screaming because I asked her to write her name on her school Valentine’s cards. She was definitely not smiling. Never mind that the night before she had managed to write each classmate’s name on a card with far less whining. I wish kids were born with more logic.

I would hold up a white flag of surrender, but I think it’s in with all the laundry.


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