Keeping it real

We have plenty of beds in our house.  Lorelei’s room has a twin-over-full bunk bed, our bedroom has a king-size bed and crib, plus we have couches and a futon.  For the last week I have been sleeping with Rowan in the recliner, because we were both getting more sleep that way.  Lorelei, never one to sleep in a room by herself, decided to join us.  Then Squirt joined in.  It was a regular recliner party.  Maya was probably just under the foot of the recliner sulking.

So this is how we slept.  Me, with Rowan nursing, Lorelei on the arm and face-planted into the back of the recliner, and (not pictured) Squirt on the foot rest.


I’ll point out that Zach had the entire king-size bed + sidecar crib to himself.  Not so much as a cat taking up his space.

[edited to add: my boobs aren’t that big.  There are some weird shadows in the photo]

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