Merry Christmas from the family


Please someone tell me that your kid is sometimes an ungrateful brat unfortunately honest during present opening.  At this rate she will never have a future as a professional poker player, because she immediately says whatever she is thinking about the present at hand.  We talked about how it would be better to find *one* thing she likes about a gift and to say that, rather than to say all the reasons it wasn’t exactly what she wanted.  At our house Santa brings one big gift.  Santa has always brought one big gift.  Mom and Santa work together on the stocking.  But this year suddenly Santa didn’t bring enough.

I get it, I do.  Disappointment is hard, and not always logical.  But as the gift giver it’s difficult to watch.  I never want to make her think she isn’t allowed to feel a certain way, I just wish I had a magic empathy wand to wave when she starts in on the *I* statements.

Lest I begin to sound ungrateful, in general Christmas was awesome.  Plans had to be rearranged due to Puke Plague ’15, but it all worked out.  Lorelei is spending the week with Zach’s parents, so I’m hoping to have time to clean and organize.  I don’t understand why no matter how many times I go through her room and purge toys, it still always feels at critical mass.

The temperatures have been in the 70s here all week, which feels like a little Christmas gift for me from the universe.  Maybe an apology for all the puke.

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