the boob, the boob, the boob is on fire

I was going to write about how much better the day to day has gotten. But then I woke up this morning in extreme pain, followed by chills and a feverish feeling. I could feel the plugged duct causing the mastitis. I must have gotten it unplugged because when rowan nursed he was having to swallow so fast that I was scared he would choke. And then I pumped 3oz from that side alone.   This morning I had the telltale red streaks radiating out. 

I hate mastitis. It is evil. And not to be super whiney, but can I catch a break please?  And universe… I don’t mean broken bones. 

I did find some hopefully good news in regards to COBRA. If I make my official return to work date 8/31 instead of 9/1 then hopefully I can save $1200. So yay. 

I’ll save all touchy feely updates for when my boob isn’t trying to eat itself. 


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