The second appointment of the day was a weight check at the pediatrician. Rowan is now 9 pounds 3.5 ounces!!!  That is triple his lowest weight!  

Since I was nursing him while waiting for the doctor we decided to reweigh him and see how much milk he had gotten. In that short amount of time he had gotten over an ounce!  Not including the massive spit up he shared with the dr. We have her blessing to keep weaning back on the bottles and nursing more. 

I have an LC appointment on Monday to touch base. But insurance is being a big pain. They covered the portion of the last LC appointments billed to Rowan, but not the parts billed to me. And I can’t afford $160 for each LC visit.  Frustrating, because this LC is my hero and helped save our nursing relationship. 

On the other hand, they covered the tongue tie clip with just the $45 specialist copay.  Go figure. 


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