“Hey doc, how’s about a refill”

Today was appointment day (a lot of days are appointment days). 

First, I had an appointment with my psychiatrist. While my therapist and pretty much everyone else have agreed that I’m handling things very well considering the circumstances, I’m still overwhelmed and having some days of major anxiety. The last few months have been long and hard and more than a bit terrifying. I’m already on Zoloft for seasonal affective disorder/anxiety (which should come as a surprise to exactly no one, though I’m sure my mom’s dialing finger is itching right now), so we agreed it would hurt nothing to bump it up a bit. Obviously a lot is situational, but there is no need  to suffer just for the sake of suffering. 

I’m sharing this, despite the fact that my family and coworkers are reading, because I know some friends have shared my blog with their friends who are expecting preemies. And I want to try to give as honest an account as I can.  That you don’t have to be full-on depressed every day to benefit from some help. There is space between depressed and not coping as well as you could. I’m aiming to move the gauge back towards full. 

My current favorite song is Dar Williams’ “Something to Get Through.”  

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