I see a corner, I want to turn

knocks on all the wood I think maybe we’re turning a corner on the whole nursing thing.  I hope.

The last few days have been hard.  Really hard.  Discouraging.  Frustrating.  Insert other negative adjectives.  Nothing has come easily in the last few months, and the pumping, nursing, bottle routine was really getting to me.

But after the tongue tie clip Rowan seems to have clicked on the nursing thing.  He’s nursing like a newborn, but his adjusted age is only four weeks, so that’s to be expected.  I’ll just plant myself in the recliner and let him nurse all he wants, as much as I am able.

He has not had a bottle in NINE hours.  NINE.  I probably won’t stretch it anymore than that right now.  But the (cheap, but seems fairly accurate) scale thinks he is getting two ounces at a time with no problem.  He needs around 20oz per day.  He will still get at least a couple of (fortified) bottles per day, so he only needs to get around 16oz nursing.  That should be doable.  He has a weight check next week.

The nursing pain has mostly vanished.

I needed this.  I’ve worked HARD for this.

He’s pretty proud of himself, too.


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