How many days?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the lobbies of various medical professionals in the last two weeks.  And the common question is “awww, he’s so new, how many days old is he?”  It’s always fun to watch reactions when I say “seven weeks.”  Some people don’t seem to find that odd, and some look really surprised.

I went to the doctor today and she said we’d just stick with the procardia for now, since it is doing its job.  And that she’d see me in two months, hoping we could start to wean off of it by then.

I’m fairly certain I could get a job as a human pin cushion.  I have had more IVs, blood draws, shots, and whatnot in the last two months than I have probably had in the rest of my life combined (and that’s saying something).

Rowan and I are getting a little more adept at going out.  The ring sling is a life saver.

I was approved to take a personal leave of absence after my FML runs out.  It will be unpaid, and I’ll have to pay $1000 a month for COBRA if I want health insurance.  But hopefully I’ll actually get a bit of a “regular” maternity leave?  Considering my actual maternity leave was spent in the hospital, and then with my son in the hospital, and now running back and forth to various appointments to make sure we are both healthy.  And of course the fact that he is still smaller than most newborns, and that I’m not ready for him to start day care yet.  An extra month will be very very helpful.

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