Seven weeks old!

I really want to keep everyone updated.  Really.  But most days I don’t even sit down at my computer.  When Rowan is asleep I either sleep or clean or prepare bottles or pump.  And the rest of the time I’m nursing, or pumping, or going to appointments.

As of this morning he is 5 pounds 13.5 ounces.  We tried to cut back on his bottles to get him to nurse more, but he didn’t gain like we wanted him to.  There was certainly some scale discrepancy, but still.  So we’re upping the bottles again, and I’m meeting with the lactation consultant on Friday.  The Durham Connects nurse and I were wondering if maybe he’s just not very effective at transferring milk when nursing yet.  The lactation consultant said she thinks it’s likely just that he’s still so small. The Dr told me over and over that I’m doing a great job.  I think I love her.

Next week he gets to start having an adjusted age!  Right now his adjusted age is still in the negatives, since we haven’t even reached my due date.

I had my six week postpartum check last week.  Blood pressure is still higher than it should be, considering I’m still taking the procardia.  He wants me to follow up with my PCP to discuss what we should do from here.  But otherwise everything looked good.  We had to laugh a bit at the PPD screening form, because so many of the questions end with “for no good reason”… Such as “have you felt worried or anxious for no good reason.”  I pointed out that I wasn’t sure how to even answer that, because I wasn’t sure what their definition of a good reason was.  He said NICU moms tend to score higher, and I assured him that between my friends and my therapist I have plenty of people watching me like a hawk anyhow.

Rowan seems to know exactly when I’m going to completely break down from lack of sleep, and gives me a good night every other night or so.  And by good I mean I’m sleeping solidly for two hours at a time.  At least I’m not recovering from childbirth while dealing with a newborn?  The doctor was impressed with how alert he is… though she suggested to him that he conserve some calories.

I’ve gotten baby carriers squared away (except one more I want to borrow from Charlotte).  So I have my Pikkolo, ring sling, woven hybrid wrap (with a Doctor Who theme!), stretchy wrap, and a pouch.  Right now the ring sling is my go-to.  Too hot for wraps, and I’m not proficient at them anyhow.

Here’s a picture of us right after Lorelei was born.  And a picture taken recently. 11403474_10153406769604846_9004165683681894244_n

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