First days

I’m exhausted.  Not surprising, but it is why I haven’t posted anything about his first days home.

Yesterday he had his first ped appointment.  He weighs 5 pounds 5.5 ounces.  And he was declared adorable.  And healthy.  He goes back again Thursday for a weight check.

The Durham County home visit nurse came yesterday, as well.  She was really nice.  She offered to come back Monday to do another weight check, so that I wouldn’t have to go back to the ped quite so many times.

Trying to balance nursing, bottles, and pumping is damn near impossible.  I totally totally get why most moms of preemies end up switching to formula or exclusively pumping.  If this was my first baby rodeo I would have gone that route already, I’m sure.

I got a bill from the ambulance ride from Regional to Duke. $700 to go five miles.  I’m annoyed.  Because potential abruption and rupture at 28 weeks pregnant seems like a pretty good reason to use an ambulance to get from one hospital to another (with a higher level NICU).  An my insurance says ambulance paid in full if medically necessary. I am hopeful I can get it straightened out.  But I bet they are going to charge me for Rowan’s transport, since his transport to Regional wasn’t medically necessary (and I doubt they will care that it opened up another bed in the higher level ICN at Duke).   I’m tired, and the last thing I want to do is have to call freaking BCBS.

Luckily this kid is really cute.  Even when he’s pooping at 3am.


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