You can never go home again, but you can go home the first time

Soon, hopefully.

The doctor said possibly this weekend.  There are so many things that can prolong the stay that I’m very wary of getting my hopes up.

He is still having bradies and desats when nursing.  But doesn’t seem to have them anymore when having a bottle.  I’m still wondering about reflux, since he is lying more horizontal when he nurses, and is more upright with a bottle.  This morning the doctor asked if he was only having the issues when nursing and I said no.  But looking back he hasn’t had any with the bottle for a few days now.

His car seat is at the hospital waiting for his car seat test.

I asked how much supplementation he would likely need once he was home.  The doctor seemed to think he might not need any.  I asked if I should get an infant scale and the doctor and NP both gave a resounding no, and said to not drive myself crazy.  Evidently we’ll have pediatrician appointments twice a week for a little while.

North Carolina, come on and raise up…

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