Right direction

Plan for today is just to let Rowan keep doing what Rowan is doing.  Tube is still out.  He managed to get full feeds yesterday without it.

Biggest news is that today the doctor said the words “and maybe you can take him home soon.”

Up until now it has been “by his due date, or maybe a few weeks before.”  But now we have officially moved into the realm of “soon.”

His second eye exam is Friday, so I doubt it will be before then (which is actually fine, because Lorelei’s preschool graduation is Friday), but maybe next week?!

I’m going to admit… I’ve grown fond of the nurses at DRH.  I’m going to be a little sad to go from seeing them every day to not seeing them.  And their magic ninja swaddle powers.  And their middle of the night feeding and diaper changing.  And their monitors.  But mostly just them.

And because I can’t post with no picture… here is what Rowan looks like a split second before a sneeze.


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