After one false start, the ng tube is gone!  It is possible that it will have to be put back in, but we are giving it a trial run to see how he does with ad lib feeding.  So far he’s doing pretty well.  But poor baby is really gassy and clearly has an upset tummy.  The two aren’t related, but it is too bad his first day of all oral feeds is also a day he doesn’t feel great.

Nursing this afternoon was basically a comedy of errors.  He woke up HANGRY.  And got angrier as I changed his diaper.  Then while the nurse was doing his temp he pooped again, and got even angrier when I changed his diaper again.  Then the leads to the monitor weren’t sticking well, and the monitor was setting off all sorts of crazy alarms (my crying baby probably did NOT actually have a heart rate of 34).  It was distracting to both of us.  And then he was SCREAMING that he wanted food, but didn’t want to latch on.  I switched him to the other side and he finally settled in.  We’re thinking he had a gas bubble that was making the first position uncomfortable.  They upped the amount of formula they added to his bottles, so we’re wondering if that is the issue.  Right now we’re watching and waiting (there is a lot of watching and waiting in the NICU.  AKA expectant management)

As of last night he was just shy of 4 pounds, 11 ounces.

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