30 for 30

Yesterday was Rowan’s one-month birthday.  It is crazy to me to think that it has been a month already.  On the other hand, it feels like it has been foooorever.

He was also 30 days old, which meant it was time to repeat the head ultrasound. All came back clear!  Next week they repeat the eye exam.

Also during the 3pm feed he transferred 30mls while nursing!  This morning he was exhausted and pretty much asleep and still managed 18.

No big changes to the plans today.  I’ll nurse him when I’m there, and they will gavage the rest.  They will try bottles if he is awake (which he generally is by the time they change his diaper and take his temperature).  They upped his amount slightly to adjust for weight gain.  But that’s it.

I think he must have gotten a bath last night, because he is rocking a mohawk today.


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