Milk monster

This kid loves nursing.  The nurses and doctors have commented that he seems to like nursing way more than the bottle.  Woo!

He has slowly but steadily increased the amount of milk he transfers when nursing.  For a while it was 4ml.  Then he got stuck at 10.  But the past few days has gotten him from 10 to 24!  He got 20 this morning, which was a record.  And then 24 this afternoon!  Then when I left the hospital at 5pm he was clearly starving.  Wanted nothing to do with the paci.  He wanted to nurse.  He was trying to eat my knuckle he so badly wanted something to eat.  They decided to go ahead and give him his bottle early.  11258370_10153368397509846_4707089725159546910_n

He is having some desats while nursing, and he’s really grunty.  With that and the history of Lorelei having reflux they are watching closely for reflux in him.

Yesterday he was 4 pounds 6 ounces!  And 18 inches!  He’s totally going to fit in the Combi Coccoro when he comes home.


Day 2 and day 27
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