Big sister

For the most part Lorelei is doing remarkably well with all of these transitions.

My time in the hospital was difficult for her.  She was happy during the days when things were “normal”, but broke down each night when she had to leave the hospital.  The longer I stayed the more comfortable she became there, which was not necessarily a good thing.  She got restless and a little too comfortable.

She loves her brother.  I mean, she really really loves him.  She loves to visit, and was absolutely ecstatic when she first got to hold him.  She snuggles him (sometimes a bit too much), and tells him how much she loves him and how cute he is.

But it isn’t all sunshine and roses.  She is still five years old, and has trouble sitting still in the SCN.

At home she shifts quickly between being the sweetest, most helpful child and melting down completely.  Some of that is just being five years old, and some of it is the result of the turmoil of the last month and a half.

In addition, Zach and I are both frazzled.  I am not getting enough sleep, the house is in a constant state of disarray, and adding a five year old to that is sometimes insanely difficult.  We get frustrated with each other.  As I am writing this I hear Zach exclaiming at Lorelei that she is making a mess and getting water all over a book.  The lack of logic that a five year old possesses hurts my very logical head.

But ultimately she is really doing the best she can.   We all are.  Sometimes that still leaves us exhausted.


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