Eyes and ears

Rowan passed his hearing test yesterday.  He also tentatively passed the eye exam.  The vessels are still immature, but there was no evidence of ROP at this point.  He will have to have a follow up exam in a few weeks.

He has had a few significant bradys and desats in the last few days, so the seven day clock is reset.  They said it isn’t surprising. Now that he has been off of the caffeine for a week it is probably completely out of his system.  They said they wouldn’t be surprised to see these happen occasionally for a little while longer.  It is just part of the maturing process.  They only worry if they start happening frequently or in clusters.

He’s still working on eating.  He is currently taking approximately 1/3 of his feeds orally.  He went from getting consistently 4 mls when nursing, to getting 10.  This morning he actually got 16!  And then finished with the bottle. Zach gets to give him a bottle most evenings.

I am doing more and more of the care when I am there.  I now do his pre/post nursing weights myself.  I change his diapers.  I’ve gotten better at swaddling, but I’m still not the ninja that the nurses are.

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