Settling in

imageOn May 7th we went to visit him in his new digs.  Much smaller NICU.  Much easier to get to and deal with.  I was a little frustrated with the lactation consultant.  It felt like she was being a little patronizing, and acting like I was trying to rush things.  But all I asked about was lick and learn.  Which Duke had thought he was ready for.  And I was caught off guard, so I didn’t really stick up for myself.  If they think he needs to wait, that is fine.  But I wasn’t trying to rush things!  I was just going with what Duke had said.

And now I think you are all caught up.  From now on I will try to update a bit as things happen.

I’ll also try to post a bit about how Lorelei is handling things, how awesome my friends and family are, and whatever else comes to mind.  I’ll try to add in some pictures soon, too.

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