Mini me

Dear Yai Yai,

Recently we have been discussing instinct. You want to know why animals do certain things, innate actions, evolutionary requirements. Your instinct right now is to believe what I tell you, to love what I love. After all, I have lived to the age of 33, so I must know something.  Right now you want to emulate that. And I can’t deny that I love it.

Every morning you want to check the weather. You give weather updates to the other parents at day care, warning them that it is going to storm later. You have written entire songs about hurricanes and tornadoes. “Parenting win!” I shout on Facebook. You randomly break out into renditions of “Eternal Flame” and I sing along. You ask me when we are going see another concert. Going to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival is a highlight of your young life.  You know what a perineal is. You can differentiate a verb from a noun from an adjective.  You scream “TARDIS DOOR!” whenever we pass a house with a blue door.

By the time you read this you will 401869_10151626815549846_371326233_nlikely want very little to do with me. I will be an embarrassment to your sensibilities. The fact that I wrote this blog will make you roll your eyes. Does Facebook even still exist? I am so laaaaaame. But just remember, once upon a time, you wanted to be just like me.



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